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My newest food addiction

I know you’ll think this is the weirdest thing to be addicted to, but I thought I’d share it because I think it’s half-way healthy. We sell it in the Hy-Vee Kitchen. A lot of people were buying it and telling me how good it was, so I tried it and I was hooked. It’s very easy to make, but you can always buy it at Hy-Vee, too.

It’s kind of a pretty salad as well. Next time I make it I’ll post a photo. The amounts of the ingredients are approximate. This recipe isn’t rocket science, so if you like more of an ingredient or less of an ingredient, feel free to adjust.

Ranch Cottage Cheese Salad

1 24 oz carton of your favorite cottage cheese brand (use a low-fat version to make it healthier and buy it on sale, of course!)
1 pkg grape tomatoes
Chopped green onions
1/2 cucumber diced
1 pkg dry Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix (you won’t need the entire package)

Mix cottage cheese and veggies. Add dry ranch dressing mix to taste. Enjoy without guilt. It’s good for you!



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Great summer recipe –Strawberry pie

Strawberry pie

Originally uploaded by baysmom3

This is one of those recipes that is especially nice, because it’s simple enough that you can keep it in your head. No need to write it down and then dig to find it next time you have a craving. It’s also great in the summer because it’s no bake–no need to fire up that oven when it’s 99 degrees outside.

Strawberry Pie

1 small pkg cook ‘n serve sugar-free vanilla pudding mix
1 small pkg sugar free strawberry gelatin
1 pie crust–I use a Keebler graham crust (reg or low-fat), but you could use a regular pastry pie crust, but bake pastry crust before filling
Sliced strawberries to fill the crust

Add two cups COLD water to a small saucepan and add pudding mix. Cook and stir, boil for about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and whisk in strawberry gelatin. Let cool. While this is cooling, wash and slice strawberries right into crust until full (leave room for pudding/gelatin though!).

When pudding/gelatin mixture has cooled down, pour it over strawberries. Refrigerate until set, about 4 hours. Top with Redi-whip or Cool Whip. Yummo.

Side note: you might not be able to fit in all the pudding/gelatin mixture…it just depends on how many strawberries you put in the crust.

I think it would be great to add in other fresh berries.

I have to make two pies because everyone has to eat at least 2 slices. If you aren’t watching your figure (I dislike people like you–btw–*wink*), you could use regular pudding and gelatin instead of the sugar free.


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