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CVS Deals 2/19/09


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I did a little CVS’ing today.

I started with a $5 ECB from purchasing Oil of Olay Pro-X last week (or the week before?). In addition there was an Oil of Olay $25 rebate if you bought $50 worth of Pro-X. I also had a $5 Olay manufacturer coupon so that was a great deal on some pricey stuff. I hope it makes me look younger. 😉

Today I purchased:

1 Lysol Disinfectant Spray (the February “crud” is in our household so we need to de-germify). $3.50 with a $2 manufacturer’s coupon, final cost $1.50

1 Clorox Anywhere Cleaning Spray $2.50 with a 75 cents off manufacturer’s coupon, final cost $1.75

3 Suave Body Washes (I chose the remaining bonus sizes), $1.99 each with a 75 cents off two coupon, final cost about $5.25 and then I earned $2 ECBs. Final cost $3.25.

2 Dove Deodorants, $3.79 each with a $1.50 off manufacturer’s coupon and I earned $2 ECBs. Final cost $4.08.

1 Herbal Essence Shampoo, $2.99 and $1 ECBs.

1 Ultrabrite toothpaste, bargain priced at $1.49, just ’cause I needed it.

Then I used my $5 ECB from the Olay deal.

My total for all items was $15.36. After earned ECBs, I got it all for $10.36.

No home runs today, but I felt pretty good about my haul.




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Frugal Friday

In this new, devastating Obama economy, being frugal is even more important!

This week’s theme is groceries. If you live in the 7 state Hy-Vee territory, today is their Friday the 13th sale! There are some great deals to be had.

Midwest Country Fare Ice Cream (4 qts) $2.88
Hy-Vee Cereal $.99
Hy-Vee Fresh Sliced Pork Steak (LOL…ironic don’t you think?) $.99/lb.
Bakery Fresh Hamburger Buns $1.13
Not Less Than 80% lean Fresh Ground Beef $4.77
2 Entree Chinese Meal $3.99
Palermo’s Classics Pizza 6 for $10
Pilgrim’s Pride Boneless Chicken Breast $4.99
Hy-Vee Water $2.99 (if you absolutely NEED to have bottled water)
Dole Iceberg Lettuce $.69
Hy-Vee Butter $1.48 (yummm….REAL butter!)
Nissin Top Ramen Noodles $.13

There’s some coupons in the print ad for Midwest Country Fare Brown or Powdered Sugar for $.99, Sour Cream for $.48 and bagged Garden Salad for $.69.

Also pick up a Hy-Vee coupon book at the store entrance. My favorite deal in this book is a code for a Free Red Box rental. A free movie is very frugal entertainment! Just be sure you have time to watch it and return it the next day or you’ll be charged for a second day rental.

You’ve probably noticed that Hy-Vee’s corporate print ad (the one that likely comes with your newspaper) has been much smaller as of late. They have moved towards on-line ads which are much larger. I’m not sure why they’ve done this, but skyrocketing printing costs come to mind as well as the fact that newspaper readership has dropped. You should always check the online ad for a much wider selection of good deals as you make your shopping list. It is available at:

Choose to view the “online ad”. As far as I can see the online ad version includes all the items included in the corporate print ad as well as all the additional items, so there’s no need to print both versions if you do not have the print ad.

You can download it and print it to make it easier to create your grocery spending plan.

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Frugal Friday

I know it’s Saturday–better late than never!

My frugal find for this week is All You magazine.

All You magazine cover

All You magazine cover

It is full of coupons and it’s a magazine for real women. Those of you who know me know I’m far from being a Cosmo girl. Glamour doesn’t suit me either. I need real, practical tips on living life better….throw in a few coupons that will save me enough to cover the issue price and I’m happy. It runs about $2 which is a bargain in the magazine world, but is unfortunately generally only available at Walmart. I don’t like Walmart for many reasons, and I try to shop there as little as possible, but for the last few months I would bravely go in, fight the crowds, and wait in the long checkstand lines to get this magazine.

However, the other day I got a letter from Northwest Airlines with an offer to sell me magazine subscriptions that I can buy with my frequent flyer miles. All You was one of the choices, so I jumped at the chance to get a year’s subscription for the price of a few hundred miles. Good for me since I won’t be flying again anytime soon! No out of pocket cost and no more visits to Wallyworld! I sent that order form back ASAP and I anxiously await my next issue delivered to my door.

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Super Savings Saturday

Didn’t have time for a Frugal Friday post as I worked both jobs yesterday, but I have a rare day off today so I managed to take advantage of the CVS deals before the new ad breaks tomorrow.


2 Olay Quench lotions, ad price 2/$12. Buy two, get $5 ECB. $3 off manufacturer’s coupon when you buy two–total cost 2/$4.

2 Always Infinity boxes, ad price $4.99. $1 ECB on both for a total of $2 ECB. Two $2 off manufacturer’s coupons–total cost for both $3.98.

I also got my CVS ECB for my summer spending for $2.50, for a total of $9.50 ECB.

I plan to roll my ECB’s into some Olay facial products for which I have several coupons (including two $3 off coupons for a Regenerist product from a recent P&G insert). If I purchase $50 worth of Olay facial products, there’s also a $20 mail in rebate. I won’t know the total cost of the Olay products until I decide what I want to buy and what coupons I’ll use with them. You can find information about the Olay rebate at

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Frugal Friday

We are living on a tighter than usual budget right now since DH is forgoing his commission check, so I’ve been enjoying the Frugal Friday blog posts around the internet.

My contribution to Frugal Friday is a relatively new discovery of mine — Redbox. It’s a stand alone DVD kiosk that is located at McDonalds and grocery stores throughout the country. The rentals cost just $1 a night. We use the Redbox at Hy-Vee’s mostly, but a nearby gas station, Casey’s General Store, has one outside. We’re still waiting for the even closer neighborhood McDonald’s to get one, but no such luck yet.

One dollar for a DVD rental is pretty frugal entertainment, but it gets even better. If you go to the Redbox website you can sign up to receive a free rental code by text message every Monday. Yes, you do have to use the code that day, but Monday night TV is generally pretty bad, so it’s as good a night as any to enjoy a movie, especially since the cold weather season is upon us.

I don’t have a text messaging plan on my phone….(well, I do, but they cost me 20 cents per text)….because I’ve never been able to understand the appeal of texting. I heartily embrace all technology, but the appeal of texting is lost on me. My 16 year-old son, however, only uses his phone to text (do teens ever actually TALK on their phones anymore?) and he has an unlimited texting plan so I signed him up to get the Monday free rental codes. Hey, 20 cents is 20 cents! If I can save it, I will.

Speaking of texting–I’ve figured out a way I can send a text to my son fast and free. I email him text messages. It doesn’t cost me a dime (or rather TWO dimes) and I don’t have to thumb type (ugh). Check with your kid’s cell phone provider to get their “texting email address”. For Sprint, it is where the X’s are their full 10 digit phone number.

Be sure to check the Redbox website for the nearest Redbox kiosk to you.

What is your Frugal Friday tip?


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Murphy makes a visit….

I can’t believe that it didn’t happen sooner.  This month it’s been four years we’ve been “throwing newspapers for freedom”.  Four years of winter, cold, snow and ice.  It’s fabulous exercise!  Most of the time it’s easy if you don’t mind sleep deprivation.  It fits into our lives perfectly.

I should have know this would happen sooner or later, but our fears were realized today when Dave slipped on the ice in someone’s neglected, un-illuminated driveway and broke his ankle.  There was no way I could get him in the car, so we had to call 911 and he got a ride to the hospital in style.  X-rays showed a broken ankle bone, and it’s likely he has some tendon damage as well.  Basically, it’s a really bad sprain with a break.   He doesn’t see the orthopedic doctor until Tuesday.

As many of you know, my absolute pet peeve is people who do not shovel their driveways or treat their ice problems with sand and/or salt.  I’ve become the sidewalk police in my neighborhood.  If you don’t remove the snow and ice from your driveway according to city ordinance, the city is going to know about it.

What was so difficult to swallow about the accident in this driveway is that they have three huge floodlights on their property, but apparently are too cheap to spring for the electricity.  One fixture is a double motion flood light over the driveway, and then there’s another flood light over the  porch.  If either had been on, or turned on as he approached, he would have seen the ice.  Instead, the home owner had the gall to ask me why  Dave just didn’t step over the ice?  Umm….’cause it’s dark at 5 am?   Their negligence will have many lasting effects on our family….hopefully not devastating, but at this point, since Dave has not visited the doctor, we just don’t know.

All I do know is we won’t be calling Dave Ramsey to scream “We’re debt free!” anytime soon.  We’ll just pray that Dave can still work and that his break heals quickly.   Oh, and also hopeful our medical bills won’t run too high.

He was going to quit his route in the late spring anyway in anticipation of his new store opening.  Now he is retired.  There’s no way I’m letting the breadwinner of the family go out and risk his life and limb to get somebody’s paper to their front porch.

I know that these people didn’t intentionally mean to cause Dave or our family harm.  I know that they are also probably fighting some hard battles.  It’s just unfortunate that they don’t think about that real person who brings that paper to their door 365 days a year.  Sometimes I wonder if they think a flying fairy brings it every day….one that can fly safely in the dark over their ice.

So….if people come to your door and you live in a snowy climate, shovel your walks promptly.  Throw down some sand (it’s cheap, I promise!).  And turn on your fancy lights.  Someone’s livelihood depends on it.

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The car drives different when…..

…’s not dragging a payment book!!!

Yes, the day has arrived. We made our last car payment ever! Never again will we borrow for a rapidly depreciating asset. The “M” is ours!

I sent the check off Friday to Crapital One….buh bye now.

And so the ticker moves…..four debts down, two to go.



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