Note to self about Christmas next year

As Baylee matures, she has more and more anxiety issues. She hates interruption of routine and when things change her anxiety gets the best of her. She worries when people in her life are absent….such as a teacher, aide or bus driver. She worries when people appear to be injured. She gets anxious and her behaviors escalate when people visit (especially grandma & grandpa!). This year I was enjoying the fact that Baylee, at age 13, still believes in Santa and she was excited for his visit to her house. She seems to have some concept that Santa brings her stuff. On Christmas Eve I told her that tonight was the night Santa was visiting. Big mistake. She immediately starting getting anxious about it and it got her all out of sorts. She did not sleep one wink on Christmas Eve! She was up ALL night. She mostly wandered the house, stood by our bed, and watched TV but did some of her screaming that she does when she gets anxious. I think it’s her way of venting her nervous energy and it sounds hideous. We affectionately call her the Banshee Woman when she does her screaming. Needless to say only the teenager in our basement got much sleep that night. Thankfully with the windows shut, our neighbors did not hear any 2 am blood curdling screams. We probably would have had the police at our door.

By 11 am Christmas morning, Baylee fell asleep in a chair and didn’t get up until late afternoon. With Baylee asleep during the day our house was quite peaceful yesterday!

Note to self for next Christmas–don’t tell Baylee tonight is the night Santa comes! She can wake up and be surprised. We’ll all be better rested.

Happy New Year everyone!


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One response to “Note to self about Christmas next year

  1. I am suprised you didnt all just sleep away the day. Anxiety is horrid at the best of times, witnessing it’s effects on our kids is the worst. Big hugs to all of you, hope the day night thing sorts itself out quickly, Rosie has not had a 72 hour party in a while, August September I think the last….it is so wearing when they just wont sleep!
    Much love

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