CdLS Blog Challenge–Gifts for our kids with special needs

Gift giving season is here! Kids with CdLS can be challenging to buy gifts for. What gifts has your child received in the past that he or she has enjoyed, and what do you think you’re child will want/need this season?

Baylee has always been difficult to buy for. Baby dolls always prove to be a well loved gift for Baylee, but if she has too many they get to be a nuisance. Baylee always throws her babies and stuffed animals over our backyard fence into the neighbors’ yards. Some days I can look out a window on our second story and see the neighbors’ yards littered with baby dolls and stuffed rabbits. Once the toys are over the fence she frets and obsesses over the fact that they are over there and out of her reach. Then why, OH WHY, did you throw them over in the first place? It never ends. So we limit the amount of “babies” Baylee can have for our own sanity.

Last year’s Christmas “baby” is still her favorite, though unfortunately it looks like the Bride of Chuckie these days.


I’m sure a new baby will be on Santa’s list. Also, curiously, she is stressing about Santa this year for the first time. She obviously has some understanding that Santa comes to our house and brings presents. She is currently obsessing about the “Ho-Ho-Ho” (her verbal expression for the word “Santa”).

The only other thing on her list besides new clothing will be a new iPod Shuffle. She mysteriously broke her last one. It seemed intact and dry, but it was dead. I haven’t a clue what she did to it. Thankfully they aren’t expensive, and I’ll be buying a refurbished one from the Apple webstore. If it lasts 6 months, I guess it will be a bargain in Baylee-terms.

Our Christmas this year is going to be very sparse and sensible. We are very blessed to have all we need, and with the recession and skyrocketing taxes sure to come, we know it’s best to keep money in the bank. It’s time to celebrate Christmas for what it truly means and take the materialism out of it.



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3 responses to “CdLS Blog Challenge–Gifts for our kids with special needs

  1. The shuffle seems like a great gift for Baylee. Buying them refurbished is a great idea!

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Some people just get completely out of control this time of year. Love the story about the baby dolls and animals in the neighbors yard ~ too funny!

  3. We always gift the kids as they wish and, they can enjoy alot with them.

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