Frugal Friday

I know it’s Saturday–better late than never!

My frugal find for this week is All You magazine.

All You magazine cover

All You magazine cover

It is full of coupons and it’s a magazine for real women. Those of you who know me know I’m far from being a Cosmo girl. Glamour doesn’t suit me either. I need real, practical tips on living life better….throw in a few coupons that will save me enough to cover the issue price and I’m happy. It runs about $2 which is a bargain in the magazine world, but is unfortunately generally only available at Walmart. I don’t like Walmart for many reasons, and I try to shop there as little as possible, but for the last few months I would bravely go in, fight the crowds, and wait in the long checkstand lines to get this magazine.

However, the other day I got a letter from Northwest Airlines with an offer to sell me magazine subscriptions that I can buy with my frequent flyer miles. All You was one of the choices, so I jumped at the chance to get a year’s subscription for the price of a few hundred miles. Good for me since I won’t be flying again anytime soon! No out of pocket cost and no more visits to Wallyworld! I sent that order form back ASAP and I anxiously await my next issue delivered to my door.


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  1. That’s awesome that you got the magazine for miles! I have thought of subscribing. I do not like W@lmart either and rarely go there, lest I get too depressed….

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