Sad day for America

Today is a sad day for America. America is dying.

Foremost, I am mourning the fact that there will not be an advocate for people with special needs in the White House. That saddens me the most.

Today we also mourn the death of the possibility to achieve the American Dream.

All the things that made America great–initiative, imagination, success, work ethic, independence–will now be punishable offenses. Sloth, laziness, and mediocrity will now be rewarded.

We have now officially become a nation of takers rather than givers. And also a nation of people who don’t truly understand or refuse to understand the impact socialism and Marxism will have on America.

A great man once said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Now all Americans want is for their government to do for them and provide their every need.

Shameful. And sad.

Four years is a long time, but I am confident that Obama will do for the fiscally conservative Americans who still remain the same thing Jimmy Carter did for them in the early 80s. It’s too bad we’ll have to be punished for that long. I hope, for my family’s sake, that we can hold on that long to all we’ve worked so hard for.

I was reminded by a friend over on Facebook that we need to pray that Obama has a change of heart on many matters. I’ll also pray our congress members have the sense to know what is truly good for America and what isn’t.

I have accepted the fact that the next four years will be very difficult for our family and many others like us and have let the fear go. We won’t be alone–Obama’s plan to devastate the American economy will be far reaching and have a global impact. However, I learned from my parents who endured the Carter years and came though it just fine, though I think this time around it will be much worse. Dave and I also learned a lot about ourselves when we got up at 3 am, in any kind of Nebraska weather, for four years, two months and one week to deliver papers and provide for our family. I know what we’re made of. I know we can persevere. We will succeed in spite of what our government decides to do to our livelihood.


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