Election day sadness and trepidation

Politically I am a conservative. I wouldn’t technically say I’m a Republican because I consider myself a Libertarian which is even further to the right. I think government should be small and stay the heck out of our lives–personally and economically.

I’ve always been a voter since I was old enough to vote. I vote in all elections, even the local ones in the off years. I’ve never felt the sense of fear and trepidation I feel now. I haven’t completely given up hope that McCain will win and keep the radical leftist Marxist out of the White House, but the possibility is real enough that it has my stomach in knots. I know that Obama’s tax and energy plans will devastate our family’s livelihood and plunge the American economy into another Great Depression. My DH’s business is not recession proof. We have worked so hard to get ourselves in a good economic situation and to know the devastation that a punitive business tax plan will do to the company both DH and I work for is positively frightening. I know it’s real possibility that we could lose everything we’ve worked for–our house, our savings, our businesses, and our 401k.

The worm has turned in America. We have officially become a nation of takers instead of givers. Our work ethic is gone. The generation of young voters have no idea what they are voting for. They didn’t live through the Carter administration which was an abysmal economic failure that took Reagan a good four years to turn around. I remember it well. I remember the difficult times my family went through wondering how ends would ever meet. I remember the lack of jobs….any jobs. When a lone Wendy’s restaurant opened, they had so many applicants that they had to call in the police to direct the traffic while several hundred people dropped off their applications for a paltry 20 jobs slinging hamburgers and frying french fries.

I don’t want to have to tell the Obama worshipers “I told you so” in two years when we experience double digit inflation, socialization of our 401ks, massive layoffs, and the massive flight of jobs overseas where the taxes are less punitive. By then the damage will be so bad that it will take YEARS for our economy to recover. Years I don’t have being 40 something.

Where do the Obama worshipers think businesses will pass their tax increases onto? The middle class of course. Grocery stores will pass their massive tax burden on in the prices of their goods sold. Energy prices will skyrocket. Families will be praying to figure out how to pay their electric bill when the coal industry is driven out of business. You cannot actually tax corporations. People like you and I own pieces of those corporations in our 401ks. When you tax corporations, you tax the shareholders…people like us who are depending on our 401ks to be there when we retire. In addition it’s quite likely our 401k will be seized and with a super majority in all branches of federal government there won’t be a darn thing anyone will be able to do about it.

I don’t understand the brainwashing that is going on here, but I know for a lot of people, especially the young, it’s just ignorance, the lack of wisdom and the lack of life experience.

Obama is indeed a socialist/Marxist. His policies are spot on socialism and Marxism. And the only thing socialism ensures is that everyone (outside of politicians) are poor and dependent on the government.

I certainly hope that tomorrow isn’t one of the saddest day in American history. The only hope I can take from this if Obama wins with his $430 billion dollar new spending plan is that we will only have to endure four years of his tried and true failed economic policy. Hopefully fiscal conservatism and common sense will make a comeback before it’s too late.



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2 responses to “Election day sadness and trepidation

  1. wow. really nice post. i start to feel that the day is coming since he got elected. well, don’t blame me, i voted for mccain!

  2. Miss CMC

    Great blog…great expression of thoughts…I feel exactly the same way.

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