Frugal Friday

We are living on a tighter than usual budget right now since DH is forgoing his commission check, so I’ve been enjoying the Frugal Friday blog posts around the internet.

My contribution to Frugal Friday is a relatively new discovery of mine — Redbox. It’s a stand alone DVD kiosk that is located at McDonalds and grocery stores throughout the country. The rentals cost just $1 a night. We use the Redbox at Hy-Vee’s mostly, but a nearby gas station, Casey’s General Store, has one outside. We’re still waiting for the even closer neighborhood McDonald’s to get one, but no such luck yet.

One dollar for a DVD rental is pretty frugal entertainment, but it gets even better. If you go to the Redbox website you can sign up to receive a free rental code by text message every Monday. Yes, you do have to use the code that day, but Monday night TV is generally pretty bad, so it’s as good a night as any to enjoy a movie, especially since the cold weather season is upon us.

I don’t have a text messaging plan on my phone….(well, I do, but they cost me 20 cents per text)….because I’ve never been able to understand the appeal of texting. I heartily embrace all technology, but the appeal of texting is lost on me. My 16 year-old son, however, only uses his phone to text (do teens ever actually TALK on their phones anymore?) and he has an unlimited texting plan so I signed him up to get the Monday free rental codes. Hey, 20 cents is 20 cents! If I can save it, I will.

Speaking of texting–I’ve figured out a way I can send a text to my son fast and free. I email him text messages. It doesn’t cost me a dime (or rather TWO dimes) and I don’t have to thumb type (ugh). Check with your kid’s cell phone provider to get their “texting email address”. For Sprint, it is where the X’s are their full 10 digit phone number.

Be sure to check the Redbox website for the nearest Redbox kiosk to you.

What is your Frugal Friday tip?



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2 responses to “Frugal Friday

  1. Great tips Christy! I’ll have to check around for more Frugal Friday posts. We’re trying to live on less now because of the uncertain economy.

    I’d never heard of Redbox until a few months ago…Amanda and her friend told me about it. I didn’t realize they offered free coupon codes!

    And no, I don’t think teens ever TALK on the phone anymore, LOL! Funny, when I was a teen the phone was always glued to my ear…now Amanda’s phone is glued to her thumbs 😉

  2. We just got a redbox at our store and I haven’t figured out how to use it yet. I really need to though and thanks for the reminder.

    We rarely use our cell phones, although we both have them with pay as you go rates. That texting option you posted is a really good one for parents of teens!

    I’m glad Frugal Friday is back. I have been wanting to post one, but will save it for next week.

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