I have time to update!

Things have been nuts since DH’s new store opened on October 7th. I’ve been working there, too, in addition to my regular job, so basically I’m at work from 8 am until 10 pm several days a week. There just hasn’t been time for blogging or email….just a few quick minutes for Facebook here and there to keep in touch with family.

The newness of the store is wearing off, so it’s not quite a busy (not necessarily a good thing), but DH is cutting back on hours so I’m working less now. This week I’m off from my “real” job since it’s fall break in our school system, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to blog.

Yesterday we took Baylee to Omaha for two doctor appointments–dental and GI. She was a model patient at both of them, especially the dentist. I don’t think we’ll need to do any more routine cleanings under anesthesia again! Yay! During the appointment I kept thinking “Who are you and what did you do with my daughter??”. She allowed them to do a quick cleaning, cooperated like an angel and they got some good x-rays which sadly revealed she’s missing quite a few adult teeth. The dentist also recommended we consider having orthodontic work done. He knows a great orthodontist that works with special needs kids that is practical as well when it comes to creating treatment plans for children like Baylee. Baylee has a lot of flaring of her front teeth and a severe overbite which makes biting and tearing food difficult for her (though she eats like a champ!). The flaring also means that her front teeth are vulnerable to damage or injury. Colton knocked his upper permanent front tooth out in a bike accident a few years ago, so we know that scenario well.

Last week I wrote a check for Colton’s braces (ouch). I’m not thrilled to have to write another, especially with the uncertain economy, certain recession, and higher tax bill coming with the new administration. We have some time so I think we can probably safely wait for awhile before we seriously consider the orthodontic work to see how things play out economically.

The GI specialist appointment went well, but she recommended that we do another endoscopy because Baylee has been gagging so much lately. Our GI specialist usually lets us get by with a bi-annual endoscopies, but yearly ones are usually recommended for kids with CdLS. We will be scheduling the endoscopy tomorrow to happen within the next two weeks. Back to Omaha we go.



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2 responses to “I have time to update!

  1. I know braces are insanely expensive. But that is a good point about possibly the teeth being damaged.

    Good luck with your future appointments and keeping up with your busy schedule!

  2. I am so glad Baylee behaved well at her check-ups! Can she give Joey a few pointers on being good in the Dr.’s office? :o) Sorry they spotted some trouble with her teeth. Good luck with the braces!

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