CdLS-KIDS Blog Challenge: What’s on your iPod?

I’ve been slacking lately and neglecting my blog.  Things have been crazy at DH’s new Hy-Vee and he is working me to death.   He thinks I’m superwoman or something.  Anyway, since I sleep with the boss, I told him that he needs to work me less….the late nights are killing me.  I can’t seem to get the old “paper route schedule” out of my biological clock.  I think if I didn’t keep waking up at 3:45 am every day, I wouldn’t be so tired.  Who would have thunk I’d still be feeling the effects of the paper route days six months later?

Anyhoo….to the blog challenge.  I have a few minutes before I have to go to work.

This week’s blog challenge:

If you are an iTunes fan, you are probably familiar with their “Celebrity Play Lists” where celebrities tell us what is on their iPods.

Since we are all “celebrities” here on this list, this week’s blog challenge is to blog about what is on YOUR playlist. To keep things simple, just list your top 10 favorite songs or most played songs at this moment in time that are on you iPod/mp3 player/cd player. You can just list them, or you can also elaborate on what appeals to you about that particular song.

Extra credit–music seems to be something most of our kids with CdLS enjoy. What songs, artists or kinds of music does your child with CdLS enjoy most? What role does music play in his or her life?

I love my iPod and iTunes, but I mostly listen to my iPod when I run.  Unfortunately, I haven’t run since the new store opened.  I’m just too beat in the morning.

I love all kinds of music.  You’ll find everything from hard classic rock to pop to bluegrass to classical on my iPod.  However, country music is my first love, and you’ll find that gets the most airplay on my playlists.  I’m anxiously awaiting AC/DC’s new album this week, too.  I’m also digging the new Sugarland song, though I haven’t had a spare moment to download it from iTunes.

As for Baylee, like many kids with CdLS, she loves music.  She has an iPod Shuffle (the clip on one in green), and she loves it.  Unfortunately, it went AWOL this week.  I cannot find it anywhere and she’s been “asking” for it everyday.  She points to both her ears to “ask” for her iPod.  Sorry Baylee, I cannot find it!  She doesn’t seem to know where it went either.  She’s historically been an iPod killer, and has thrown a few in the bathtub or the sink, but for the past year she’s been much nicer to this iPod which she got last Christmas.  If we don’t find this iPod soon, it looks like she’ll probably get another one for Xmas.  Good thing the price has gone down and the storage has gone up.  She doesn’t seem to have a preference for any particular type of music, but I have the Happy Feet soundtrack and several Veggie Tales songs on her iPod, plus many of my favorite country tunes.  Seems to work for her.  She also likes the Cotton Eye Joe song and will attempt to do the dance for it.  However, she cannot listen to a song in its entirety.  She presses the next song button during every song.  Good thing iPods are durable.  I also have to use parental controls set the volume on her iPod to a lower level….she blasts it as loud as she can if I don’t.  Guess she gets that habit from me….I like my music loud.

I have found the iPod is a great calming mechanism for her as she can be very excitable.  If I don’t find her iPod in the next couple of days, I may have to get her an early Christmas present just for my own sanity.

ETA:  The iPod was found!  Baylee is a happy camper.  And so is mom.



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2 responses to “CdLS-KIDS Blog Challenge: What’s on your iPod?

  1. I don’t have an ipod so I’m not sure I can answer this question. I had no idea they had parental controls! That is great. I find that most kids love music though.

    Thanks for checking in on your blog.

  2. Sorry things are so hectic for you ~ tell that hubby to stop working you so hard! :o) Anyway, I don’t have an Mp3 player but I am going to do the challenge anyway and share some of my favorite tunes. Joey loves music also ~ mostly kid songs and of course playing his keyboards. Thanks for the post!

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