It’s nuts around here….

Things are coming down to the wire right now.  You’d think we’d be more prepared for this because we’ve had about 17 years to prepare, but we aren’t ready.

But finally the day is here…..on Tuesday, DH will finally have state-of-the-art facilities.  They literally went from the worst building to the best.

Since DH is a commissioned employee, this also means our income is being cut in half.  He won’t commission until his department is paid for and in the black.  We went gang busters with Dave’s Ramsey’s debt-free plan anticipating the day when our income would be slashed, but DH’s massive ankle injury in February left him off work for three months right at the moment when we were on the cusp of debt-free-ness.  The dream wasn’t achieved, but it is on hold while we learn to live on half.  We haven’t given up!

In any case, DH is still very excited about finally having the facilities to do things right and eventually generate a great income.  We just have to be patient.

Even though I thought we were living a frugal life before, I’ve really gone into a frugal mode.  It’s amazing what we really don’t need and what we can live without when we have to.   I think also, as I mature, I realize how unimportant “stuff” is.  I take a lesson from Baylee who really needs very little to be happy–water, family, hugs, her dolly, and lately, her iPod which she’s had since Christmas, but only in the last week has cared to use it at all.  Now it’s attached to her permanently and she hasn’t thrown it in the toilet!

Other updates at our house–

Lukas is driving and I worry all the time until he pulls into the driveway.

Lukas has a girlfriend and I worry all the time he’ll make me a grandmother.

Colton gets braces in 2 weeks.  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

DH is at work all the time.  I’m officially a work widow.

All DH can talk about is his new store.  He’s like a kid in a candy store.

Baylee has been having lots of potty accidents.  We don’t know why.  Hopefully this behavior will pass soon.

We took her to Old Navy to get a new pair of jeans.  She’s really filled out this summer, and nothing from last season fits.  Dave went with me.  I quickly took her into the dressing room, got her undressed and into the new pants.  They fit, but she was in a “mood”.  Getting her dressed was frustrating and she thought she was pretty funny fighting me at every step.  I got her dressed, and passed her off to Dave with instructions to take her straight to the car.  Colton was trying on jeans so I would wait for him, then pay for the jeans and meet him at the car.  Just as Dave walked out of the store with her she promptly wet her pants even though I had taken her to the potty less than a half hour ago.  He walked her to the car as she dripped urine all the way while yelling “WET! WET!” to Dave.  It is an outdoor mall, so it was outside, but it was a beautiful fall evening and there were lots of people there to see the little girl with wet pants screaming “WET”.

I’m glad it was Dave and not me.  It was his turn to have an “adventure”.  He has a thick skin and a good sense of humor….most of the time.


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  1. It sounds like you are very busy. I think in these new economic times, some people are going to have to learn what frugal is and others are going to have to learn to be even more frugal.

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