Well, we tried…..

Today was our last day at the Farmer’s Market. We’ve decided to give up our last Saturday next month because it’s the weekend before Dave’s new store opens up and he feels he wants to devote all his energy into the store opening.

The weather was gorgeous and there was no Husker football game to scare away the customers. We were poised to do good sales today.

Unfortunately, we didn’t go out at the market with a bang. Our kettle unit broke down and we didn’t get to pop a single kernel. No popcorn for anyone. Our regulars were disappointed, but no one as disappointed as our family! Even the boys were upset. Basically we got up early, set everything up (which is really a huge undertaking), then when Dave went to light the pilot light, we found our gas line clogged up. We were never able to unclog it. We need to buy a whole new line. I guess after 7 years of use it doesn’t owe us anything.

So sadly we bid our customers and fellow vendors good bye for the season. We will miss our lively and charming Farmer’s Market. I hope May comes quickly….though it seems it always does. Heck, it will be the holidays before we know it, and the first four months of the year will frigidly fly by….before we know it, we’ll be setting up our tent in our familiar spot for our 8th season.

The good news was that we were able to shop the market bit and visit other vendors. When we are selling popcorn we almost NEVER get a chance to step away. We even picked up some late season sweet corn that was still delicious. We got some home grown apples and a watermelon. We even took some time to tour one of the $475k town homes that overlook our historic Haymarket. It would be an amazing place to live….too bad it’s out of our price range! I think Baylee would probably climb off the roof top patio anyway, so I’ll have to take it off our wish list when we win the Powerball (but I guess one would actually have to play it to win, though….).

On another note, I took another job. In a different lifetime I worked full time, but left my job when Baylee was born and stayed home for 8 years. I didn’t feel like I could ever put her in daycare with her special needs. I thought I’d never go back full time, but I decided that I would go help Dave open his department. I never worked in his department before, so it should be interesting. Lukas is also transferring from his store and will work for his Dad as well. We figured it was just easier having Dave write the schedule for all of us ensuring that one of us is always with Baylee. I guess there’s some perks when you sleep with the manager or you are his kid? I’m still keeping my day job, so I’ll be working nights. The adjustment will probably be hard, but it will become routine sooner or later. The store is incredible and Dave’s department is making him positively giddy with all its shiny new equipment. October 7th will be like Christmas Day to him. For me–just another paycheck and likely a way to meet new people and make new friends, but in a weird way it’s exciting to be part of this event, even if it is just a great big, fancy grocery store.

At the Farmers Market

At the Farmer's Market


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  1. It sounds like you are going to be busy! Good luck with your new job.

    Yes, I feel like if I ever wanted to or had to go back to work, I probably wouldn’t be able to unless it was just a few hours at nights or on the weekend.

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