This week’s blog challenge–I challenge YOU!

Back to a lighter mood after my last post.

Every week on the CdLS-KIDS Email Discussion List, we have a “blog challenge”. It gives our bloggers some ideas to keep their blogs fresh and interesting. It also gives us ideas to keep raising more awareness of CdLS throughout the world with our blogs, even though our blog challenges aren’t always CdLS-related.

This week’s blog challenge didn’t require anyone to write anything on their own personal blogs. The challenge instead is to go out and visit the blogs of fellow CdLS families and leave a comment on at least 10 of them. I tried to get extra credit on this challenge by visiting ALL the blogs and commenting on most of them. I do plan to get to the ones I missed this week, so if I didn’t comment on your blog, I’ll be there soon! I’m also trying to visit the blogs of moms who have children with other disabilities, and leave comments with them. If I’m trying to raise awareness of CdLS, it makes sense that I should also be learning about the lives of others that belong to our “sisterhood”.

Today I’m going to go a step further and challenge my readers to go out and visit the other CdLS blogs if you don’t visit them regularly already. There are some fabulous blogs out there! I log on to my reader every day hoping I’ll find something new from at least some of them. I think you’ll enjoy visiting a few of them as well. If you scroll down you’ll find my “CdLS Blogroll” over on the right with all the links for your convenience. Be sure to leave a few comments to let them know you were there. They’ll probably visit you in return. I hope you enjoy meeting my cyber friends as much as I enjoy knowing them.


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