Good bye summer

School started Wednesday and the pool closed Tuesday. We are going on day 5 of no pool. As you might know from reading our blog, Baylee LOVES to swim. We go to the neighborhood pool nearly every day in the summer. It’s a fabulous way for Baylee to burn off her endless energy and she behaves better after exercise.

Unfortunately, she’s been asking to go to the pool every five minutes. As she gets off the bus she asks “Pool? Pool?”.

Today we took her to the pool to show her that it is empty and deserted. Can you see the sad look in her eyes? It’s almost heartbreaking.

A new YMCA is opening in our neighborhood, but it won’t be open until next fall. We plan to join it so Baylee can have access to a real pool year round, but it’s going to be a long wait!

We did try to give her a water substitute today. We filled up her pool and hooked up the water mister. It wasn’t the same, but once Colton got in the pool and played with her, she seemed to warm up to it. Photos are on Flickr.



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3 responses to “Good bye summer

  1. oh, poor baylee!! i wish that that Y would open sooner for her!!

    hang in there!!

  2. Poor Baylee! Now that is the face of someone heartbroken 😦 It would be nice if they’d get the Y open ahead of schedule! Our kids don’t ask for much, so it’s so hard to have to tell them they can’t do something they love.

  3. joanne

    What a heart breaker!
    It reminded me of Stephen last spring. I took him to a matinee and when we got there the place was deserted. The movie time was changed and not published. Stephen just couldn’t believe the man wasn’t there to “open door”!
    I’ll wish for a speedy construction of your “Y”.

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