Baylee loves soap part 2

I should probably leave this photo for Wordless Wednesday, but I suppose I’ll share it now. I can either laugh about it or cry. Baylee dumped a brand new bottle of dish soap on the kitchen floor, then started smearing it everywhere. Did you know massive quantities of dish soap concentrate take forever to mop up? Good thing I got a good deal on Palmolive today. It was on sale AND I had a coupon! I love Palmolive because it smells so nice, but I don’t usually spring for it unless it’s cheaper than the Hy-Vee brand dish soap. Good thing I sprang for it today because it sure smells good in our house! Yes, I’m trying to find something positive about this mess. Don’t let the peaceful look on Dave’s face fool you. He was NOT amused. Not to mention he walked into the kitchen and discovered the mess by almost falling on his rear and breaking his OTHER ankle.

You probably can’t tell from the small photo, but he’s wearing his “Ask Me About People With Cornelia de Lange Syndrome” shirt. If you asked him about people with CdLS right now, I doubt he’d say anything nice. Ask him later when Baylee’s his little princess again. Tonight she’s on his “list”.

Soap disaster courtesy of Baylee

Soap disaster courtesy of Baylee

More soap

More soap



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5 responses to “Baylee loves soap part 2

  1. Yikes! What is it with our girls and dumping stuff?!! Jess chose yesterday to dump half a jar of mayonnaise on the couch and a bottle of Soft Soap and toothpaste on her bed. Though after seeing your photos, ours was nothing by comparison! Hope you got it all cleaned up okay…I’m sure it took hours. Bet your house smells great though 😉

  2. Misty (mason's mom)

    as i prepare to clean our cat box, i am wishing that i had a little baylee in the house to make the smell go away!! LMAO! i’m sure i will have a very similar little guy in a couple of years!

    oh, baylee, you bring a smile to my face!! thank you for sharing this! i needed a laugh this morning!!

  3. Hilarious! I’m sorry to laugh at your expense but thanks for sharing that story. That girl sure does like soap. Sean likes to “write” on things. On two occasions he has had the good fortune to find a black magic marker that had not been put under lock and key. One time was at home in the living room on my brand new carpet. Luckily, that stain stuff they put on there works and I was able to get it all off. The second time was in our motorhome. He started at the back of the motorhome and drew all the way to the front – on the mirrored closet doors, on the fridge, on the stove, and finally, the countertop in the kitchen. It mostly came off of that stuff, too. He looked worse than the motorhome because he also likes to put the magic marker in his mouth! And, as I am sure was in your case, it only took about a minute of unsupervised time to wreak the havoc. Thanks again for the laugh to start off a Monday. Have a great week.

  4. Great story! Joey has yet to be able to do something like that, he just knocks over anything he can get his hands on. Where did Dave get his shirt? I would love to have one.

  5. Beth

    Oh my goodness! What a mess! And how frustrating! That must have taken FOREVER to clean up! I’m glad Dave didn’t fall (or anyone else for that matter).

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