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Visiting Great Grandma Mabel

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Our blog challenge this week is to write about a special memory you have about your child with CdLS and another family member.

I’m 40-something, but I have a Grandma that is still living. She’s 89 and lives in a nursing home. My Grandpa died about 18 months ago, so she’s been lonely and I think she’s giving up.

In June, after conference, we were able to go visit her. I was touched at how Baylee was so interested in Grandma and how she gently took her hand and held it. This is a girl who doesn’t like touching or hugging. She engages people, but always from arm’s length and hardly ever lets strangers touch her. We rarely get to visit my Grandma, so really she’s a stranger to Baylee for the most part. Somehow Baylee knew Grandma was a person special to her and reached out in a way that was uncharacteristic of her.

Unfortunately, the nursing home doesn’t have a lot of places for people to sit and visit, so it’s difficult to spend time with her. We weren’t able to stay long, but I’ll never forget how Baylee interacted with my Grandma. Baylee really does have a way of tuning in on people who are lonely or seem sad. She’s very receptive to the feelings of others and shows a lot of empathy. It’s definitely one of Baylee’s most special qualities. I’m glad I got to see it with my Grandma.

Hopefully we’ll get to visit again soon. I know our time with Grandma is short.



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2 responses to “CdLS-KIDS Blog Challenge

  1. That is a very sweet story about two special people in your life.

  2. Beth

    What a sweet story. I’m telling you…these kids see things. I think they have a special connection with the universe.

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