It’s Sweet Corn Season!

Sweet Corn

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There’s nothing like midwestern sweet corn! During July and August sweetcorn stands pop up at every major intersection in town. Because the season is so short, we tend to buy a dozen ears every couple of days and eat it daily until it disappears from the street corners.

It is always good with just real butter and a little salt, but I wanted to share a different way of making it that is delicious. It’s called Chili Lime Sweet corn.

Boil your ears of corn until tender, then drain water and leave corn in hot pot. Add several pats of butter (you should splurge for REAL butter–it’s healthier and tastes SO much better than margarine), a few glugs of lime juice (or squeeze a few fresh limes over the ears), then sprinkle with chili powder. Put the lid on the pot, and hold it on while you shake it vigorously. (Pot holders are helpful during the shaking!)

Remove lid and enjoy the corn….it’s already buttered and seasoned.


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3 responses to “It’s Sweet Corn Season!

  1. Mmmm, that sounds good!! I love corn and I’m definitely going to have to try this.

  2. We LOVE corn. My husband would love this recipe. We don’t have many farms here anymore. 😦

  3. Yum. Sounds delicious. Will have to try it with the corn I just got at the Farmers’ Market.

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