Summer to-do list check-up

In June, we had a blog challenge to make our summer to-do lists. Summer isn’t over yet (for us at least), but I thought I’d do some self check-ups to see how many goals I’ve accomplished.

Here are my five summer to-do list items:

1. Resume a regular running program and run a 5k this summer.

Not doing so hot on this one. I’m lucky to run once or twice a week. May I make some excuses? It’s hot and my back hurts. Truth is, since quitting the paper routes, I just cannot drag myself out of bed early enough to beat the heat! The last 5k of summer is this weekend and we are at the market popping popcorn, so that one’s out. Colton and I do plan to run a fall 5k on October 19th, though, so my goal isn’t completely out the window.

2. Take more photos and make some photo books.

That I have been doing! And I can prove it–just look at my Flickr site! I love my new teeny tiny camera.

3. Prepare freezer meals from’s mega menu mailers before school starts.

Still have some time to do that. School doesn’t start until the 20th. This one I really want to do.

4. Put photos in my photo collage on my living room wall.

Done! Photos that came with the frames of beautiful people I don’t know are now replaced with family photos. I even did them in black and white for an artsy-fartsy look.

5. Paint my downstairs bathroom.

Ugh. Did I mention I LOATHE painting? I still have to the 20th, but truthfully, this is one goal I will be realistic about. It probably won’t get done until my Dad comes to visit in September and I ask him to help me.

I’ve accomplished about 2 1/2 of my goals. *sigh*

So, how are YOU doing with your to-do lists?



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2 responses to “Summer to-do list check-up

  1. I’ve recently noticed some areas of our house that need to be repainted. Not a something that we find especially fun either. Great job with your photos! I think you definitely succeed in that area. 🙂

  2. Misty (mason's mom)

    i need to update mine… not much has gotten done though! LOL! but yeah. maybe i need to make a whole new one!!!!!!

    it’s nice to get an update on your progress!

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