Baylee loves soap!

On our CdLS “community” we find many similarities I like to call “CdLS Things”. It is fascinating how many behavioral similarities (or “quirks”) our kids share. How can just a few gene mutations cause such profound similarities among unrelated people?

One thing many of our kids like to do is taste things that aren’t food….things that most of us would find completely unpalatable. Soap is one of those things….yes, bitter, foul soap. Baylee LOVES soap! Wherever we go, we have to visit the bathroom, and she HAS to sample the soap while she washes her hands. I have always thought Baylee senses the world differently than most people, and that includes her taste buds.

Last week we went to the Nebraska Shrine Bowl football game at Memorial Stadium, the home of the Huskers. The stadium is old, and the bathrooms are cave-like, dark and cavernous. Baylee was absolutely terrified at first to go in, but since I didn’t want to deal with any potty accidents, I managed to get her in there. Once we were in, she discovered the unique sinks they have in there, which are constantly running fountains. Two of her favorite things–running water and soap! She was in heaven! She wanted to go to the bathroom about twenty times during the rest of the football game. We managed to visit only once more, but only because she bolted in there as we were leaving the game.

I’m sure I’m one of the strangest photographers out there, but I just HAD to snap this photo of her in the bathroom. There was no one else in there, so I felt I could do without scrutiny. If you look at her mouth, you can see the soap.

Try not to gag….to her, it’s the best flavor on earth!

Now, if only we could get Husker season football tickets….



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3 responses to “Baylee loves soap!

  1. I have to ask for future reference, does this cause a tummy-ache? I just can’t imagine as this was a childhood punishment I once endured.

    I also am floored at how unrelated people can be so similarly affected in so many ways because of a gene.

  2. Beth

    I too am fascinated by the similarities between our kids. I swear they’re all related more than they are related to their own families! And it seems that they know eachother when they all get together at conference. Very interesting.

    I love the soap picture! Andrew hasn’t started eating soap yet, but there are other things he likes to taste now and then. Nothing obsessively at this point though.

    He would LOVE that fountain/sink though!

  3. Misty (mason's mom)

    yes, i can already tell that many cdls kids share lots of quirks in my nine months of being a cdls’er!

    GREAT PICTURE! so original! LOL!

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