S&S Blog Challenge

Today is National Sister’s Day!  A time to celebrate our sisters, whether they are real or “virtual”.

My blog challenge today is to explain what the S&S “sisterhood” means to me.

S&S stands for Scrap & Share, an online community that’s been around in various forms for YEARS.  It’s my “other online life”….in addition to the online CdLS community I feel at home in.   Though it seems it was in another lifetime, I used to scrapbook.  When I started to scrapbook in the late 90s, I found S&S and have been with it on and off since then.   It truly is a sisterhood.  It’s kind of like getting together with the “girlfriends” where you can forget about your “real life” for just a small piece of the day.  You can vent there and always find someone who understands.  You can weigh in on various challenges other S&S sisters are having on any given day.  Sometimes there is lively debate, and many times we don’t always agree.  What I find the most fun is that these S&S sisters know EVERTHING.  If I have a question about ANYTHING….someone there knows the answer.  It’s amazing.  I often go there before I go to Google if I need information or opinions on any subject under the sun.  They are some smart ladies.

What is so striking, though, is how people who don’t know each other IRL (In Real Life), have such strong friendships!  I swear there isn’t anything people in that community won’t do for each other.   When one sister is hurting, they circle the wagons and rally the troops to come to her aid.  I find their actions pretty profound considering most of them have never met, and their only common bond is scrapbooking.  I don’t think the “sisters” on S&S will ever fail to amaze me.  I am privileged to be able to participate in their community and even more privileged that I have TWO online communities I can go to that are likely two of the best the internet has to offer.


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I honestly can’t remember what my life was like before SS and I don’t want to. The love and support that I’ve found there is second to none.

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