A 41-year old woman should not…..

Lukas & Robert

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This past week I’ve been inspired by the 41-year-old swimmer, Dana Torres. Not because I’m a fan of swimming, because I’m not, but because she’s my age and showing the world that 41 isn’t old! You go girl!

However, I found out I’m no Dana Torres. Last night we went to an “extreme bowling” event where you get a lane for three and half hours and you can bowl as much as you want for a flat fee.

Big mistake.

A 41 year-old woman should not bowl 5 games+ in a row. I’m paying dearly for it today.

How do my kids feel?  They want to go bowling again today.


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One response to “A 41-year old woman should not…..

  1. Hehehe Christy, I feel your pain 😉

    Love the new photos, the one of the clematis with the teeny spiderwebs was cool (can we say “cool” in our 40’s?? LOL)

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