Sometimes our adventures aren’t that fun….

DH’s PDA died today and it’s his brain. He has to have one for his job. We were in the Sprint store checking out the PDA phones so maybe he could combine his two devices. Baylee was in a “mood”… of her autistic-like behavior moods. (Just another day like any other….)

Baylee is non-verbal, but does engage people. Because she lacks speech, her way of engaging people is to either touch them with her hand or with her foot. If I have a hold of her arms, she’ll use her feet. She never “kicks” or hurts people (it’s much more of a firm touch than a kick) but of course, her foot touching can be interpreted as being a kick. And yes, I know she is invading personal space. Trust me, it mortifies me every time she does it. I’d give EVERYTHING I have in the world to make her act normally.

In the store, Baylee was squirrely, so I had a good hold on her arms. A lady was perusing some phones nearby and Baylee foot tapped her. The lady turned around and yelled “Do NOT kick me!”. Then she gasped when she saw Baylee’s face because it obviously occurred to her that Baylee’s NOT “normal”.  The gasp offended me almost more than the yelling.

I was furious inside. I wanted to say “Yelling at her will not make her stop. A little tolerance and understanding go a long way.”

But I didn’t. I was so mad I couldn’t think of it at the moment, so now I’m mad at myself for not being quick. I’ve never encountered this before because most people are quite understanding and can see that maybe there’s a reason Baylee has strange behaviors just by looking at her. I was at a loss for words.

Instead my DH piped up “She’s special and she’s sorry”. Then I told Baylee to sign “Sorry”….which is practically meaningless to Baylee, but I did it for that woman’s benefit even though it should have been the woman apologizing for yelling at a child with special needs. She shouldn’t have yelled at ANY child, especially one that small anyway, regardless of ability.

Anyway….I’m angry & annoyed, and feeling guilty because it’s not Christian to be angry about this. I think it’s possible God made Baylee kick for this woman’s benefit and maybe now that woman is rethinking how she treats others. Maybe it was a lesson SHE needed to learn. I just wish Baylee and I didn’t have to be a part of it.

The devil in me is sure hoping this woman learned a lesson today because I found it pretty painful.  It better have been worth it.



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6 responses to “Sometimes our adventures aren’t that fun….

  1. Michelle in MI

    Oh my gosh Christy, what a horrible experience. I hope and pray that that woman does have regret and learned a lesson today.

    Hugs to you and Baylee.

  2. Misty (mason's mom)

    i read this earlier today and it has been bothering me ever since. i cannot believe how rude the woman was in EVERY aspect. i wish i would’ve been with you… uurrgghh!! i know what you mean about being upset about saying something while you’re in the moment.. my heart aches for you and the hurt you feel.. maybe deep down this woman has a concsience. i sure hope so. i think that baylee is wonderful. i hope to meet her in dallas in 2010 and she can tap me with her foot ANYTIME!

  3. kaesmom

    I’m so sorry that woman was so rude to you and Baylee. I really hope she did learn that lesson. And that she goes home and teachers HER kids to be understanding and tolerant of others so they don’t make the same mistake.

  4. I’m sorry you had that awful experience. Some people are so rude and thoughtless. I agree with you that she should never have yelled at any child, whether or not s/he had special needs. I hope you are right and something positive comes out of this.

  5. I’m sorry for this horrible experience. Just reading this woman’s reaction made my blood boil!! What an rude, insensitive and thoughtless reaction! It is incredibly big of you thinking of the good that could out of this.

  6. Hi. thanks for commenting on my blog.

    I agree with some other people that she would have yelled at anyone. I imagine this still will be hard to get out of your mind. I hope you find some peace with the incident.

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