Baylee’s favorite summer activity!

Baylee’s pool 1

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Baylee lives for the pool in the summer! We have a season pass to our neighborhood pool, but sometimes I grow weary of going every single day. We try to go almost every day, but sometimes weather gets in the way, or I just need a break. We like to go in the evenings when the pool isn’t as crowded and the sun isn’t as harsh, but then I have to spend most of the day listening to Baylee hound me–“Pool. Pool! POOL!”.

So I meet Baylee halfway and every summer I get her a plastic wading pool. We fill it up, and she spends the day slashing around in it and taking her “babies” for swims until we go to the pool in the evening. She changes in and out of her swimming suit about 10 times a day….can’t quite figure out why she just doesn’t leave it on. I also had to get a faucet lock for our spigot so she doesn’t run the hose constantly. Our ground is saturated enough with all the rain we’ve been getting….no need to make it any more marshy than it already is. Baylee is definitely not a very “green” child to have around! She’s a master water waster.

As a side note, please keep my hometown of Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa in your prayers with the recent flood devastation there….I’ll take my marshy yard any day.



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3 responses to “Baylee’s favorite summer activity!

  1. Misty (mason's mom)

    that is awesome!! she’s a mermaid :)!! we were thinking of getting one for mason, however, he is way too young and way too sensitive about temps…i hope he grows out of it, but i know how our kiddos are with those things! thanks for sharing!

  2. A girl after Jessica’s heart…LOL! I need to run out and get a wading pool this week. Jessica has been asking daily to go swim.

  3. Baylee’s pool is awsome! Natalia enjoys the pool as well, although we’ve missed out on the fun until now since she’s had a bad cough.

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