Last Day of School!

Colton & Baylee 5/30/08

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Today was the last day of school! Eighty days of wonderful summer await us!

Baylee will do summer school, but that doesn’t start until July and runs for four weeks, two hours a day. By then, I’ll probably be very ready to put her on the bus for two blissful hours of not wondering where she is or what she is doing (or destroying!).

This summer is especially something to look forward to….for the first summer in four years, we don’t have to deliver papers That means we can come and go as we please. Unfortunately, gas prices will keep us from straying too far, but the freedom is exciting.

At the end of June we head to Chicago for the CdLS Conference. We missed the last one two years ago, so we are very excited to be able to go this year. Chicago here we come!



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5 responses to “Last Day of School!

  1. Have a great summer guys! School doesn’t let out around here for another week. Hope you have a wonderful time at the conference.

  2. Misty (mason's mom)

    HAPPY summer!!! please be sure to share pics of the conference… i hope to go to the next one!! (are they every two years or so?). or every year? have a wonderful summer!

  3. We have another 6 weeks before our sumer holidays start here thankfully we have a caerlined up for a large partof that. Rosie is just too quick for me these days. Ilove Baileys new bed…does she stay in it?

  4. I hope you have an incredible summer full of F R E E D O M 🙂
    Have a great time at the conference… we hope to be able to go to hte next one. And yes, please take pictures!!

  5. Ah freedom, sounds great!! I’m so glad you all are going to conference. See you there in a few weeks!

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