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Our long day is over….

We decided that we’ve had enough paper route. It’s been approximately 1511 consecutive days of getting up at o’ dark thirty.

It hasn’t been been terrible and most days it is actually quite pleasant, but since Dave broke his leg it’s gotten to be overwhelming. The fatigue has been crushing and I think that like Dave’s broken leg was a sign from God to quit, the fatigue was my sign (probably caused by the fact that I had to do everything around here while Dave was off his feet). Lately it has seemed absurd for me to come home from my part time job in the early afternoon with the sole objective of getting dinner together and going to bed as early as possible. It left little time for anything else. If I took time for anything else I paid for it with a dragging rear end and constant yawning that no amount of coffee could cure the next day.

I will miss it. I will miss the money. But I think we’re going to like having our life back. We’ll have the ability to travel again and see family. Maybe we’ll take a vacation this summer. We’ll get to sleep in on Sundays and snuggle in bed. Hopefully I won’t feel so tired all the time. Maybe I’ll start running again and train for another marathon if my body doesn’t protest too much.

Our last day is Friday. I’m excited for the rest of our lives.


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Happy Birthday Baylee!

Baylee turned 12 on April 8th!

Like many parents of kids with special needs, we have a difficult time selecting appropriate birthday and Christmas gifts for Baylee. She’s not materialistic in the least, and doesn’t really care much for “stuff”. Just give her one good “baby” to love on, and her little TV and she’s a happy girl!

We’ve always felt she needed a bike, but she doesn’t have any concept of street sense and we didn’t feel it would be safe for her. She also won’t wear a helmet. By chance I happened to catch an ad for our local bike store that featured the Trek Mod. It’s a larger big-wheel type trike. It can even accommodate adults (see You Tube for videos of adults enjoying the Mod), so we went to see it up close and personal. It turned out to be a perfect fit for her and it comes in PINK!

The genius part of it is that it has a metal frame with a hole in the back that we can hook a dog leash to and walk behind her! I’m sure the hole wasn’t meant for that purpose, but it works for Baylee. We can keep a handle on her and keep her from veering out into the street at 100 miles an hour. She hasn’t quite got the hang of using the the brake, so for now we’ll be keeping her on the “short leash”. We have some bike trails in a nearby park that don’t have any easy access to streets, so she is riding there on her own.

It was a tad pricey, but as with any Trek bike, it is quality. Any gift that helps Baylee burn her destructive energy in a constructive way is worth every penny to me!

Baylee's Trek Mod


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