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Blog Challenge: Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Here is my blog challenge assignment this week:

Share with us a photo for each of the following categories, and tell us about the photo, and/or the story behind it.

1. a sign of spring
2. an image of joy
3. a bad habit
4. a good word
5. a reflection of you

Get as creative or as simple as you want.
Be philisophical, or be silly.
The only rule is to open your eyes, and have fuN!

I guess I need to dust off the camera!  Feel free to join me!



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The other day I went to get our mail and there was a plain envelope addressed to us with no return address.  Curious, I thought…..I wonder who it’s from…..

I opened it and two one hundred bills tumbled out.  That’s all that was in it….two Benjamins.  It was a Random Act of Kindness.  I don’t know who it was from, and they don’t want us to know either.   I’m in awe….this person has the true spirit of giving….they can give without wanting or expecting appreciation or thanks.  What a great lesson to teach us.

To our anonymous Angel — THANK YOU.   We want you to know that we will definitely pay this forward hopefully sooner rather than later.   We know that God will continue to bless us and He will let us know when it’s time to pass on this gift and to whom we should bless with it.


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Baylee 101

This is our latest CdLS-KIDS Blog Challenge.

Baylee 101

1.  Baylee is 11 years-old.  She will turn 12 on April 8th.

2.  Baylee likes to eat.  Her favorite room in the house is the kitchen and will spend hours in there foraging for food and grazing.

3.  Baylee’s hair is off limits.  Don’t touch the hair!

4.  Baylee loves music and watching Nickolodeon.

5.  Baylee touches everyone she meets.  She has changed many lives.

6.   Baylee loves baby dolls.

7.  Baylee’s baby dolls cannot wear clothing.

8.  Baylee is an expert at using a DynaMyte (an augmentative communication device).

9.  Baylee is our designated household toilet lid inspector.  All toilet lids are always down at our house.   This is a quite helpful quirk in a household of males.

10.  Our cats love Baylee because she lets them outside.

11.  Baylee can run very, very fast, but like the cheetah, she tires quickly and mommy can always catch up eventually.

12.  Baylee loves the movie “Lady and the Tramp”.

13.  Baylee loves to swim and can say “Pool” and “suit on”.

14.  Baylee notices every detail wherever she’s at….nothing goes unnoticed.


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