Baylee’s new word!

As is typical with the syndrome, speech is very difficult for our kids. Baylee has some words, but mostly only single words and very rarely a very short phrase. It is very exciting when Baylee says a new word! Her newest addition to her verbal dictionary is….drum roll please……”PLEASE”. The girl has manners! It sounds more like “peas”, but we’ll take it. Now I’m making her say “peas” for every request she makes and I’m sure she thinks I’m a bit nuts, but I just like to hear her say it.

Small victories are huge with our kids. 🙂 It’s a bright spot in our not-so-fun February.

Spring, come quickly peas…..



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3 responses to “Baylee’s new word!

  1. That’s great news…way to go, Baylee!
    I’m praying for spring too. I could use some warmth and sunshine.

  2. WOW, that’s very exciting! good job Baylee!
    We get thrilled when we hear, (or think we hear) a maaa or baaa from Natalia. By the way, I added you blog to my blog roll, I hope that’s ok.

  3. That’s awesome Christy! Jess says it the same way (“peas”)…I agree, I just love to hear her say it. Our kids must think we are so weird, LOL 😉

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