Murphy makes a visit….

I can’t believe that it didn’t happen sooner.  This month it’s been four years we’ve been “throwing newspapers for freedom”.  Four years of winter, cold, snow and ice.  It’s fabulous exercise!  Most of the time it’s easy if you don’t mind sleep deprivation.  It fits into our lives perfectly.

I should have know this would happen sooner or later, but our fears were realized today when Dave slipped on the ice in someone’s neglected, un-illuminated driveway and broke his ankle.  There was no way I could get him in the car, so we had to call 911 and he got a ride to the hospital in style.  X-rays showed a broken ankle bone, and it’s likely he has some tendon damage as well.  Basically, it’s a really bad sprain with a break.   He doesn’t see the orthopedic doctor until Tuesday.

As many of you know, my absolute pet peeve is people who do not shovel their driveways or treat their ice problems with sand and/or salt.  I’ve become the sidewalk police in my neighborhood.  If you don’t remove the snow and ice from your driveway according to city ordinance, the city is going to know about it.

What was so difficult to swallow about the accident in this driveway is that they have three huge floodlights on their property, but apparently are too cheap to spring for the electricity.  One fixture is a double motion flood light over the driveway, and then there’s another flood light over the  porch.  If either had been on, or turned on as he approached, he would have seen the ice.  Instead, the home owner had the gall to ask me why  Dave just didn’t step over the ice?  Umm….’cause it’s dark at 5 am?   Their negligence will have many lasting effects on our family….hopefully not devastating, but at this point, since Dave has not visited the doctor, we just don’t know.

All I do know is we won’t be calling Dave Ramsey to scream “We’re debt free!” anytime soon.  We’ll just pray that Dave can still work and that his break heals quickly.   Oh, and also hopeful our medical bills won’t run too high.

He was going to quit his route in the late spring anyway in anticipation of his new store opening.  Now he is retired.  There’s no way I’m letting the breadwinner of the family go out and risk his life and limb to get somebody’s paper to their front porch.

I know that these people didn’t intentionally mean to cause Dave or our family harm.  I know that they are also probably fighting some hard battles.  It’s just unfortunate that they don’t think about that real person who brings that paper to their door 365 days a year.  Sometimes I wonder if they think a flying fairy brings it every day….one that can fly safely in the dark over their ice.

So….if people come to your door and you live in a snowy climate, shovel your walks promptly.  Throw down some sand (it’s cheap, I promise!).  And turn on your fancy lights.  Someone’s livelihood depends on it.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about Dave’s accident. How awful. Won’t the homeowner (or homeowner’s insurance) have to cover his medical bills?

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