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Merry Christmas!

It doesn’t seem possible that I’m posting my second Christmas letter on this blog! This year has flown by! Once again, I’ve decided to save a tree and some printer ink by placing our Christmas “newsletter” on our blog.

Our year has been uneventful, which I always consider a good thing. We are continuing on our debt-free “adventure”, and getting ever closer to our goal. Dave is still with Hy-Vee, and he’s still looking forward to his new store opening, though the date has once again been pushed back to September or October of 2008. However, we’ll be realistic and just hope it opens before Christmas 2008!

Our Kettle Corn business is still thriving at our Farmer’s Market and we were very blessed to have a great season this year.

Since I’m Baylee’s primary caregiver, I’m sticking with my “lunch lady” job and I’m still getting my daily exercise delivering papers in our neighborhood. I love getting paid to exercise. To think I trained for my marathon in 2003 for no money at all! What was I thinking? I enjoy the fact that I never have to worry about care for Baylee since I’m either working when she’s sleeping or at school. This past October I attended my last board meeting in Maryland for the CdLS Foundation. I completed my service of 7 1/2 years, but I still remained involved with them as an awareness coordinator and webmaster.


Lukas is doing well. He is now 15, a sophomore in high school, and we are “enjoying” the hormones, moodiness and general know-it-all-ness of teendom. He is still participating in band, and while he doesn’t participate in athletics, we like to joke his “sport” is earning money. He’s a grocery-cart-getter-man and sacker at Hy-Vee, we pay him to help with our kettle corn business, and he helps deliver papers on Wednesdays, weekends, and inclement weather days. He has a nice, fat car fund growing at the bank, but we secretly hope that it will be a good long while before he’s able to buy a car and actually drive! The car will be one expense, but the insurance will be quite another! He’s a video-game fanatic, has had a steady stream of girlfriends (I’m not ready for this!) and is quite the speedy text messager. I consider myself quite tech-savvy, but the text messaging I just don’t get….and the girlfriends just make me nervous…..

bayleexmascard_small.jpgBaylee is doing well. She transitioned to middle school this year, and she seems to be adjusting to the routine. She still loves her baby dolls and stuffed bunnies and they are a constant source of drama. They usually end up on our roof or over the fence in the neighbor’s yard and then she obsesses constantly about them until we can find a way to get them back into her hands. Once back in her hands, it doesn’t take long to start the process over again (lather, rinse, repeat….). She still loves listening to music and watching Nickelodean on the little TV in her room. During the summer she lives to go to the swimming pool and is even learning to swim without assistance! Unfortunately, she tries to get her “water play” fix in our bathtub and shower, so we have to keep our bathrooms locked or we have to deal with indoor flooding. The fun never ends when Baylee’s around!

Colton is in 5th grade this year. He started playing the French Horn like his brother. He’s a whiz at Guitar Hero 3 and has a gift for running. He can’t wait until he can run track and cross country in 7th grade, so in the meantime we run local road races. The front tooth he knocked out two years ago this past October is STILL hanging in there believe it or not. It wiggles and gives me the creeps, but it doesn’t seem to bother him a bit! He also has a knack for finding lost things, but only after we’ve replaced that lost thing. He left his bike in the front yard this summer and it was stolen. We replaced the bike, only to have the police find the old one less than 2 days after purchasing the new bike. He lost his winter coat last month, and found it the day the new coat arrived on the UPS truck. Now he has two bikes and two coats.

In May, Dave and I had the rare opportunity to get away overnight to go see Dave Ramsey at one of his live events in Kansas City. It was definitely our highlight of 2007! It was such an inspiration. We even got to shake his hand and have him sign our copy of “The Total Money Makeover” at a book signing the night before the event in Olathe. It was an honor to meet a man who has had such a profound, positive impact on our lives.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the peace of the season be yours…..

Christy & Dave



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