Why does she do these things?

Baylee is most destructive to things she loves. I don’t understand it. She tears up photos that she LOVES to look at and they are usually photos of people she loves. She loves her stuffed bunny, but she’s mean to it, too. She routinely tries to drown it, throw it in the trash, or over the fence where she can’t get to it. She’ll throw it out the window of a moving car if we don’t child-lock the windows. I don’t know how many beloved “babies” we’ve lost on the highway.

Baylee also loves her DynaMyte which is an augmentative communication device. It gives her a voice at school. She was so excited when we upgraded the color-screened DynaMyte from the Dynamo. Well, today she threw it in the kitchen sink and ran water over it. It’s fried. It cannot be repaired because the chips are no longer manufactured for it. We knew once the chip fried that it was done, but it was running perfectly until today. It will cost thousands and thousands of dollars to replace it with something similar and I hesitate to do so because I know she’ll just throw it in the sink again. I think sign language is the only safe option for her which is unfortunate. With the DymaMyte she could communicate with anyone. With sign language she’ll only be able to communicate with people familiar with her signs.

It is a sad day as we mourn the death of Baylee’s voice at her own hands.



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6 responses to “Why does she do these things?

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Baylee’s DynaMyte. That’s a significant loss for all of you. I had no idea that communication devices were so expensive.

  2. That’s awful Christy! Especially with such an amazing (and expensive!) device. I wish I knew why they do it too. Jess is the same with her favorite things…throws them in the trash, the toilet; pours food or drink all over them; tears up books and pictures. She’s fried a few of our cellphones and digital cameras too, ugh!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that your tool was destroyed. I know its frustrating because she can’t help it and you can’t help it. And with your debt being so close to being finished, I know why you are reluctant to spend a lot of money that you know will be washed down the drain – literally!

  4. I am glad to here there are devices like this,yet so sorry that hers is ruined.All the things they require are quite pricey…Would you please consider adding us to your blogroll under cdls…I am from Canada and would like to meet others who have children with cdls….www.jaydensworldcdls.com
    Thanks, kimmie.

  5. Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

  6. Christy,

    My dear friend! Do you remember me??!?! I stumbled upon your blog, after reading about another child with CdLS – and as soon as I saw Baylee’s name, I knew I found you!

    How fast your children have grown up! Paige is now 10 years old – can you believe it?

    Please write me, and let me know you you are!

    Betsy, and Miss Paige of course :):)

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