Colton’s Bad Luck

I always thought it would be Baylee who gave me trouble at the dentist. Colton has unfortunately experienced more dental work in his short life than most people do in a lifetime and has always been very brave. He had a knocked out front tooth reimplanted, numerous cavities filled because of thin enamel, and a root canal on the knocked out tooth (which is unfortunately going to fall out anyway and will someday have to be replaced by an implant). Now he needs four baby teeth removed to encourage an impacted permanent tooth to come in straight so he can have braces put on soon.

So we go to our regular dentist on Thursday to have the baby teeth removed. He gets one removed and decides he wants NO part of having the other three done. He says it hurts, so they numbed him up some more. He still refused to let them finish. No amount of bribing or the promise of money or Wii games does any good. Eventually the situation escalated into meltdown. Lukas said he would have gladly traded a few teeth for a new Wii game, though! (Ok, Luke…methinks you value video games way too highly….)

We did find out a really outspoken drama queen lives within Colton. 🙂

Now we have to make an appointment with a pediatric dentist. We’ll probably have to tank him up on valium ahead of time to make him nice and happy for his second go around with the dentist. *Sigh*

To top things off, he left his bike in the front yard on Thursday night and it was stolen. He was heartbroken. By chance, I found someone on Craig’s List selling the same model of bike, only much newer and nicer for a great price, so we went and bought that today. He came home, rode it for awhile, and locked it up on the porch.


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  1. Poor Colton. I hope his next the dentist visit goes better. I am glad you were able to replace his bike for a good price. It’s awful that the first one was stolen from your own front yard! Unbelievable.
    I think I would be able to bribe my oldest with Wii games for just about anything I wanted him to do…

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