Things sure are quiet around here….

Things sure are quiet around here. Colton is at summer camp. Lukas is at Shrine Bowl Marching Band camp. Both will return tomorrow so I better enjoy my last day of peace. With Baylee being non-verbal, and no boys fighting, wrestling and screaming, it seems like I have stepped into another life.

Baylee has been her usual self and up to her routine mischief. She emptied the entire contents of her closet into her room. Every article of clothing is off its hanger, all the winter clothes I had stored on a shelf are strewn about, and there are books and hangers everywhere. What a disaster. I just don’t have the energy to put it back because I know, just like the busy ants who rebuild their hills after a rainstorm, Baylee will just rebuild her mess…..over and over again.

I’m almost ashamed to show this to you, but here’s Baylee’s latest work. She’s been a busy girl!

Baylee’s room

She has left most of the sheets on the bed, though. At least I won’t have to remake her bed tonight!


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One response to “Things sure are quiet around here….

  1. How funny! She HAS been busy. Don’t feel bad; our older boys’ room looks something like that most of the time, but that’s because their parents can’t be bothered to put away clean laundry.

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