Baylee and her Bunny

If you haven’t noticed from Baylee’s photos, she’s usually carrying a stuffed bunny. She calls it “Baby”. Her relationship with the bunny is very odd, though. It’s what we call a love-hate relationship, and it’s a constant source of commotion in our house.

Our house and yard is like a minimum security prison. We have a six foot fence around our backyard with locked gates to keep Baylee from wandering. If the mood strikes her, she either throws her bunny up on the roof or over the fence into one of five neighbors’ yards. If it’s on the roof, she’ll bug us until we get a ladder and get it down. She will have an emotional meltdown, too, and obsess about the lost bunny for hours. If it’s in the neighbor’s yard, we wait until the neighbor feels like throwing it back over. Some neighbors are quicker than others. One even tied a pretty ribbon around bunny’s neck and set it up on the fence for her. Baylee doesn’t like her babies to have clothing or adornments of any kind, so that ribbon promptly came off. I thought it was pretty cute, though!

I think this is one part of Baylee’s personality that I will never understand. If she loves that silly bunny so much and she always has to have it with her, why does she throw it out of her reach? I sometimes think she likes the emotional distress.

As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s it working for you?”….


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