The Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth

Happy Birthday America!  You are truly the greatest nation on God’s green earth!

Our Scrapshare blog challenge is to write about what we love about the USA.  Last week community events renewed a sense of patriotism in me.  Our local Army National Guard unit came home from Iraq after being away for 22 months–the longest deployment in our state’s history.  To welcome them home the people of our city lined 84 blocks of our main drag as the buses carrying soldiers arrived in town last Sunday morning.  People waved flags and held banners.  Yellow ribbons were tied everywhere.  The buses received a police escort in addition to an escort of over 400 motorcycles including the Patriot Guard.  The buses drove by fast, but we could see the soldiers inside waving.  They were bursting with excitement to see their families for the first time in well over a year.  We waved our flags with pride, so proud of our local men and women who sacrificed so much for our freedom and safety.

Even though the parade was short, it reminded me of why we are so fortunate to live in the USA.

Thank you to our soldiers, both past and present.  We appreciate you.


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