Baylee’s Summer Vacation

It’s very hard to get a good photo of Baylee.  She doesn’t like to make eye contact with the camera and most of the time is more concerned about what is popping up on the camera screen.  She’d do much better behind the camera!

I was able to get a few “gems” the other day, though, and thought I’d share one.

Baylee summer 2007

For the past week Baylee has been really restless.  I think she’s getting bored with summer vacation.  She doesn’t start summer school until July 16th and when it starts I know it will be a nice change for her.  She’s going to spend a few days at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Iowa next week, too.  When we go to get her we’ll make a visit to the waterpark near Grandma & Grandpa’s house.  Baylee spends all day asking to go to the pool, so she’ll be excited to go to a fancy waterpark.  She’ll be in HEAVEN.

Happy July 4th!   We are so thankful to be living  in the greatest nation on God’s Green Earth.


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