The Best Christmas Gift Ever!

Xmas Lights

I feel like I’m going to jinx myself if I say this, but I think…..after 10 long years…..Baylee is finally potty trained! This is the very best Christmas gift we’ve ever received!

This is truly a huge thing for a child with CdLS. I never thought it would happen. At the very most, I thought she’d be “timed trained” with me taking me to the potty every couple of hours for the rest of our lives and buying adult diapers eventually when she is bigger.

But she has amazed us all! She has recently started going on her own. We’ll be going about our activities and hear the toilet flush and realize it was Baylee going all by herself…..responding correctly to the “call of nature”.

It is truly a good day. She is such a big girl now.

Baylee, you are amazing.


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One response to “The Best Christmas Gift Ever!

  1. Great job Baylee…way to go!!! Maybe there’s hope for Jessica yet…LOL 🙂

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