Baylee’s haircut

One thing I forgot to mention in Baylee’s introduction is how much she likes to cut her hair. Trust me when I say she’s not very good at it.

It took months to correct the last disasterous haircut and it seemed the impulse of cutting her own hair had passed. But just when we think she’s over it, I find a huge pile of brown hair on our bathroom floor and a pair of scissors laying on the counter. She comes to me to show me her new “do” giggling hysterically.

Thankfully, this cut’s not so noticeable….she just thinned it out a bit. One thing our kids can do is grow hair, so I know it’s only temporary.



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2 responses to “Baylee’s haircut

  1. I feel for you Christy! During the summer Jessica pulled out so much of her hair on one side the only way to even it up was to cut it super short. Well DH had them cut it a bit too short for me…it was nearly a crew-cut! Thank goodness their hair grows fast!

  2. Marci will not let us cut her hair. I try to cut her bangs and she makes sure that nothing else is touched. I am afraid to even trim the back of her hair because I fear it will tramatize her too much.

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